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With cheap flights to Banjul, experience a trip to the capital city of Gambia. The Gambia River is a major attraction of city. Spend couple of hours roaming in the Albert Market that has several stalls selling goods of your choice. Lying on the South side is the Abuko National Park and city’s first wildlife reserve. You can see Arch 22 in the center of the city memorial arch of the armed forces. The Gambia National Museum is known as a cultural museum of Banjul that has numerous documents regarding the history of Gambia.

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The Kachikally crocodile pool has 3 pools that is the house for crocodiles, is a full of adventure place for you to visit. KuntaKinteh Island is a beautiful island in Banjul with stunning beauty around the island. A beautiful national park is located on the bank of river Gambia known as BaoBolong Wetland Reserve. Now with Travangelo’s cheap flight to Banjul, a trip with your family to Banjul is not a problem; all you need to do is book your tickets and fly all the way to the marvelous city of Gambia.