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With cheap flights to Batman, visit the city of Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey. Hasankeyf is the major attraction of the city, and then there is tomb of Veysal Karani that is one of the most visited pilgrimages of Batman. The Carsi Mosque has a beautiful architecture which can be witnessed once you are in Batman. Yilmaz Guney Theater is a sure venue for art lovers where you can see fine theater programs and movies with some stunning scenery around.

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The Malabadi Bridge is a beautiful bridge in the city but it has not gained that much of importance which it should have got. Other attractions include Bahar Kultur Merkezi, YIldIz Kebir Mosque, World Center Alisveris Merkezi and Batman Sinemasi. Now with Travangelo’s cheap flights, you can see the undiscovered cities of the world, one of which is Batman. So all you need to do is book cheap flights to Batman and you can travel to the city of Turkey with your family and friends.