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Visit Belem

With cheap flights to Belem, visit the municipality of Brazil and the largest city of the state Para. Belem lies on the beautiful River Tagus. It is a blessed green city having exotic parks and gardens. The most celebrated historic monument in the history of Belem is the Jerónimos monastery, the best Manueline architecture can be seen here, it has more than 40 statues in the entrance and it is one of the most beautiful sites of the city. Torre de Belem has now become the symbol of the city because of its beautiful Belem Tower, it is recognized as most favorite and visited tourist attraction. National Palace of Ajuda was constructed and ordered by the Portuguese royal family in 1802, it is richly decorated and furnished with silk wallpapers and it adds too much beauty to its architect. The famous cuisine of Belem is the Pasteis de Belem,

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
LBA to BEL flight KLM £818 Round-Trip 21 January to 04 February 29 November 06:38
MAN to BEL flight KLM £865 Round-Trip 25 January to 11 February 01 December 04:42
BRS to BEL flight Air France £888 Round-Trip 27 January to 26 February 27 November 09:11
BHX to BEL flight KLM £916 Round-Trip 14 January to 11 February 27 November 12:45
CWL to BEL flight Air France £1056 Round-Trip 30 January to 18 February 27 November 02:18
GLA to BEL flight British Airways £1125 Round-Trip 01 January to 17 February 29 November 08:48

Things to do in Belem

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it is the most served and eaten sweet of Belem, if you want a plate of it the Antiga Confeitaria de Belem serves the best of it. The Electricity Museum has the wonderful industrial architecture of the city that can be witnessed by the visitors. Now with Travangelo’s cheap flights to Belem, you can easily visit the city of Belem and enjoy your trip to Brazil’s pretty city.

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