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Now the cheap flights to Belgrade will take you with the best flights to the capital city of Serbia. The city is rich in having some of the best historic cultural importance of Europe. The Belgrade Fortress resting at the end of River Sava and Danube River looks beautiful at evening. The Church of Saint Sava is a large Orthodox church in the city; The Nikola Tesla Museum exhibits the life and work of Nikola Tesla and is present at the center of the city. With kids and family you can plan a day to The Belgrade Good Hope garden that is an oldest zoo in Europe. On the Avala Mountain, you can see the The Avala Tower that is constructed beautifully. To know the national history of Serbia, you can pay a visit at The Museum of Yugoslav History. One most beautiful rivers of Belgrade includes Great War Island that also joins the Sava and Danube rivers at the end.

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Situated at the Republic Square you can see The National Theatre that is a great source of entertainment for people who tour Belgrade. Another oldest museum of the city is The Ethnographic Museum that comprises of numerous relics of the city. With Travangelo’s best services and cheap flights to Belgrade, now a trip to Belgrade can easily be planned, just book a ticket with us and travel to Serbia’s capital city Belgrade.