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Visit Bergen

With cheap flights to Bergen, take a trip to Norway’s beautiful and largest city Bergen. The city is a busiest stop for cruise, surrounded by rocky and hilly mountains; it has become Norway’s favorite destination. At the city harbor, watch the Market square that is as old as the city. The vibrant Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf has workshops, boutiques and restaurants along with the wooden houses for you.

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The Hanseatic Museum shows beautiful insight of German Merchants. Bergenhus Fortress is an old entrance of Bergen’s Harbor that dates back to 16th century; it also has an amazing Bergenhus Fortress Museum. The Bergen Cathedral is an impressive cathedral that has Christian architecture. The Grieg Hall is a true example of modern architecture of the city that is popularly known for arranging concerts, ballet and opera. The Rasmus Meyer Collection contains the paintings and sketches of some famous artists of Norway that deserves a visit by you. University Museum of Bergen has the historic collection of culture and a pretty Botanic Garden. Now with Travangelo’s cheap flights to Bergen, a trip to the city can be easily planned, just book a ticket with us and travel the beautiful destination of Norway.

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