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With cheap flights to Bissau, visit the beautiful city in West Africa which has some popular and attraction tourists favorite destinations waiting for you. Until the arrival of Portuguese, the city had an Islamic importance. Bissau has inspiring metropolis, it has beautiful villas which are architecture according to Mediterranean. To start the journey at Bissau, you can first see the Museum of African Artefacts which is an ideal.

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place to enhance the sense of cultural and historic importance. Then you can go to the Bolama Bubaque where you can see the glimpse of ancient history of the city, it is also architecture in a cultural and traditional manner. National Park of Guinea Bissau is a series of national park and it has always remained a favorite place for tourists, you can also experience the wildlife there with inspiring natural reservations, for wildlife lovers this is the best place to explore. You can also see the Old Presidential Palace that has set a best example of beautiful and stunning architecture. Now with Travangelo’s cheap flights to Bissau you can definitely plan a visit to Bissau, just grab the best affordable tickets available and fly all the way to West Africa.