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With cheap flights to Bodrum, explore the beautiful and vibrant port city in the southwestern region of Turkey. It is a stunning city with a marina full of yachts and with some inspiring sightseeing of ancient sites and white houses. You can see the Castle of St Peter on the front of the sea where you can see the French and English towers, the castle also features the Museum of Underwater Archaeology which is an excellent piece of work and architecture, and even if you are not interested in the underwater archeology then too it seems to be an attractive one.

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Moreover you can visit the Mausoleum that has the complete ancient marble design and has a great and impressive architecture. The Myndos Gate can be seen as the most old and ancient site of historic times dating back to the times of king Mausolus. The Bodrum Theatre is a small one but surely a beautifully restored theater, the Marina and Shipyard gives a major blue Mediterranean site, moreover you can see the old town which is just behind the Castle of St Peter it is a most attractive area of Bodrum. The city has some famous and must visiting market and bazaars that are truly vibrant and full of colors. Now Travangelo’s cheap flights to Bodrum will give you an access to any city, just book a ticket and fly to Bodrum.

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