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Visit Boston

Boston may not be the first city you think of when you think of America, but it is an important part of the country’s heritage. Home to America’s first public beach, subway, chocolate factory and lighthouse, as well as the oldest park in the U.S., Boston is positively oozing history. The quirky, friendly, fascinating city is the perfect place to go to get to grips with America’s short but spectacular history and see some world-famous sites. Everyone loves Boston for different reasons: the sports, the museums, the educational institutions, the history, or the sheer beauty of the city. So, make sure that you take time researching and planning your trip to Boston, so that you can make the most of everything that this beautiful city has got to offer.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
EDI to BOS flight Air France £430 Round-Trip 11 September to 20 September 16 April 10:04
LGW to BOS flight Air Canada £514 Round-Trip 02 July to 24 July 02 December 05:48
BRS to BOS flight United £627 Round-Trip 02 July to 24 July 02 December 05:46
NQY to BOS flight Delta £1592 One Way 10 October to 01 January 10 June 07:16

Things to do in Boston

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1Direct Flights to Boston

Direct Flights to Boston will bring you to Boston Logan Airport (BOS), in East Boston, about 3 miles from downtown.

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2When to Go

Boston is a city perfect for walking, so the ideal time to take a trip to Boston is from June to October, when the warm, dry weather is perfect for exploring on foor. Although summer season is packed with tourists, Boston in the sunshine is a wonderful experience; café tables spill onto the pavement, you can take in the unique buzz of a baseball game, or enjoy fantastic outdoor concerts on balmy summer evenings. If, however, you are looking for fantastic hotel deals and cheap flights to Boston, plan your trip in the winter or spring. Temperatures can be cold and there is likely to be plenty of snow, but pack a good coat and warm boots so that you can experience Boston in all its wintry glory.

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3Building Futures

For nearly 400 years, people have flooded to Boston in search of a better life: Puritans fled to the city to establish the perfect society; politicians, philosophers and poets fighting to make the world a better place, and patriots protesting about the inequalities of a burgeoning nation. Each group has left its mark on this beautiful city, however, nothing has made as much impact on Boston as its educational institutions. Some of the greatest minds from around the world come to Boston to learn, teach and grow in world-renowned universities, where the minds of the future are honed. Since it was founded in 1638, Harvard University has stimulated some of America’s greatest minds, from US presidents, to baseball players, chat show hosts, actors and actresses. For a few surreal hours, you can put yourself in the shoes of Natalie Portman, Mark Zuckerberg, Matt Damon, Bill Gates, and more as you stroll around campus. Student-led walking tours will show you where the likes of Barack Obama, JFK, Theodore Roosevel

Cheap flights to Boston

On your trip to Boston, try to make the time to see a Red Sox match. If you can’t get tickets, or you go out of season, a visit to the stadium is a must. Fenway has been the home of the Red Sox for more than a century: here, you can see the iconic triangle, hear the screams and cheers of the millions of people who have graced the stands since 1912. The scale and history of the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball will not fail to leave you a little over-awed.

Cheap flights to Boston

As one of America’s oldest constantly occupied cities, Boston boasts an array of architecture that perfectly represents each era through which it has fought, survived, and thrived. The city is composed of layers of architecture, spanning from the gable-ended buildings, diamond panes and overhanging floors of the Post-Medieval era of 1620-1710, through to the Georgian classics created in the 18th Century, which feature grand, symmetrical facades panelled glass and double-sashed windows. In the late 18th Century and early 19th, the Georgian style was superseded by the federal Style, a daintier version of Georgian architecture that featured domes and columns. The next century saw a flurry of Revival Styles, where the flourishing city borrowed aspects from other, older countries, to give it a grander, more established feel. Today, modern architecture complements Boston’s skyline today, adding a contemporary feel to the warm, bustling city. The Trinity Church, built in the Roman Revival period, is considered to

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6Food and Drink

Boston’s cuisine is what one may expect from the first city to celebrate Thanksgiving. The bountiful agricultural and seafood industries of Boston mean that you will find the best seafood in America; clam chowder, an oyster slider or lobster roll are a must. Chicken and pork are deliciously seasoned, stewed or fried with an eclectic mix of spices and flavours from around the world for a taste sensation that is uniquely Bostonian. If you are planning a trip that you will never forget, let Travangelo help you to find cheap flights to Boston.

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