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Visit Brindisi

With cheap flights to Brindisi, you can visit the Apulia region’s city on the South of Italy. Brindisi is known for some beautiful places which need to be discovered by the treasure lovers. The Cathedral is located at the Piazza Duomo which gives a marvelous sight at night when the lights are brightened.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
BHX to BDS flight KLM £250 Round-Trip 21 January to 23 February 28 November 12:58
NCL to BDS flight Air France £282 Round-Trip 29 January to 08 February 27 November 12:23
GLA to BDS flight Alitalia £410 Round-Trip 20 January to 06 February 29 November 02:52
MAN to BDS flight British Airways £1797 Round-Trip 20 January to 24 February 28 November 12:09

Things to do in Brindisi

Cheap flights to Brindisi

At the famous Harbor you can find place to chill and relax with a sight of sunset, on the other side of the Harbor, you can see the Sailors Monument which gives you a remarkable view of the city. Right in the center of the city you can see the Piazza Cairoli which is famous because of its water fountain. You can also stop and spend some quality time at the Mediterranean to get some fresh air. Now with Travangelo’s cheap flights to Brindisi, you can easily plan a trip to the South city of Italy, just call our 24/7 available customer care and book your best ticket. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the world with Travangelo.