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Visit Bujumbura

With cheap flights to Bujumbura, visit the largest city of Burundi at East Africa. The city is famously known for its major exports of coffee and cotton. Not many, but the city has some prominent attractions which can be explored once you are there. The stunning Lake Tanganyika flows as a second largest lake in terms of freshwater; it is also the city’s longest fresh water lake. The Rusizi Nature Reserve.

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The Rusizi Nature Reserve rests just beside the Rusizi River and is a home to the hippopotamuses there. To the South of the city, you can see the Livingstone Stanley Monument of the city which stands beautifully in the center. Along with that, visit The Kibira National Park to the North of the city where you can find stunning mountains overlooking the park. Another important Park of the city is the Ruvubu National Park that is some miles away from the city but can be best used as a place to spend a day with family. Moreover, in the city you can find stunning and striking view of waterfall series, The Chutes de la Kagera that divides itself into six divisions. Now with Travangelo’s cheap flights to Bujumbura, plan a trip to the city in East Africa and explore the African beauty at its best.