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With cheap flights to Caracas, plan a trip to the capital city of Venezuela. Visit the Altamira nearby the city where you can find excellent restaurants and hotels. You can see the famous birth place of Simon Bolivar which is a huge structured building. The National Pantheon of Venezuela is a abandoned church and also serves as a resting place of national heroes.

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The Parque Central Complex is a commercial development of culture house and is present right at the center of the city. The Iglesia de San Francisco is a famous church of Caracas. The Caracas Cathedral is a famous landmark of the city, to spend a day exploring history of museums; you can pay a visit at the Children's Museum of Caracas. A family day out can be planned at the oldest park of the city The Caobos Park, The El Ávila National Park is a natural restored park of Caracas which lies within the central mountain range. You can see the second largest Mosque of Latin America, The Mosque Ibrahim Ibin Abdul Aziz. With Travqangelo’s cheap flights to Caracas, experience a journey to the beautiful city of Caracas and spend some quality time with your family. Book your ticket now and fly to Caracas.