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With cheap flights to Changsha, trip around the capital city of China’s famous province Hunan. The city has some varied attractive destinations, which are equally enjoyed by the locals as well as visitors. You can visit the largest artistic museum of the city, The Hunan Provincial Museum that has vast collection of cultural relics.

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Yuelu Hill Park is Changsha’s most notable destination in terms of academic accomplishments because a part of it is used and occupied as a Hunan University. The Xiangjing River is the largest and most beautiful river of Hunan province. The Mawangdui Han Tombs is a striking and spectacular place to explore; the tomb has some silk paintings and books along with the potteries and ancient weapons. The Kaifu Temple is surrounded by several mountains and fresh running water; it looks most beautiful when visited early in the morning. The Yuelu Academy is located at the side of Xiang River; the academy has gained a history of thousand years. You can also see the Orange Isle which is located on the Peak of Yuelu Mountain; the isle is visited mostly in summers as it’s the best spot for hot season. Now with cheap flights to Changsha, plan a tour to China’s beautiful city and spend some quality time with your loved ones by planning a vacation with Travangelo.