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Visit Constanta

With cheap flights to Constanta, explore the famous city of Romania. Visit the Casa cu lei, which are also known as the house with lions, it is a Pre Romantic styled house which was once utilized as a restaurant. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Constanta which carries the ancient relics of Constanta. You can see stunning mansions and hotels of 19th century.

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The city is an important cultural center and contains majority of archeological treasure. The historic monuments, the superb casinos and museums make the city a must visited one. The night clubs are the major attraction for tourist around the world, See the waterfront areas around the city, the beautiful black sea shows a great display of the harbor of Constanta. The St Peter & St Paul Church is the beautiful churches of the city that lit the candles outside the church. Visit the Dolphinarium that is a beautiful garden having most beautiful birds and animals; it is a best place to spend some quality time with your family. Now with cheap flights to Constanta, explore the beauty around Romania’s popular city Constanta, so book your tickets now and fly with Travangelo.