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Visit Dhaka

With cheap flights to Dhaka, explore the capital city of Bangladesh. Visit the Lalbagh Fort that is standing at the Buriganga River, see the Ahsan Manzil which signifies the Nawab Families of Dhaka. View the Dhakeshwari National Templewhich is also known as the national temple of Bangladesh.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
GLA to DAC flight Hahn Air Lines £605 Round-Trip 31 January to 05 February 25 November 10:23
NCL to DAC flight Qatar Airways £683 Round-Trip 24 January to 03 February 06 December 03:04
MAN to DAC flight Turkish Airlines £823 Round-Trip 29 January to 10 February 25 November 03:05
LBA to DAC flight KLM £4743 Round-Trip 28 January to 26 February 25 November 04:15

Things to do in Dhaka

Cheap flights to Dhaka

The Bangladesh National Museum is the national museum of Bangladesh and was built in 1913. The Liberation War Museum was served at the symbol of independence of Bangaldeshfrom Pakistan. See the Star Mosque which is designed with the blue motifs and stars. Visit the National Parliament House which is a prominent building of Dhaka. The Sonargaon is a maritime center of the city which is located at the center of the Ganges delta. You can view the National Martyrs' Memorial which is a national monument of Bangladesh. To enjoy a day out, visit the Ramna Park located at the heart of Dhaka or you can take your kids to the Dhaka zoo to enjoy the adventurous and wildlife of Bangladesh. Now with the cheap flights to Dhaka, you have a chance to unlock the true treasures of Bangladesh’s beautiful city, explore more with Travagelo’s excellent flights and enjoy your holidays with your loved ones.