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Doha Destination Guide

Jutting out into the Persian Gulf is Qatar, one of the fastest-moving Middle Eastern Cities. As its neighbours sprang into action nearly half a century ago, Qatar remained in its staid, somnambulant state, seeming to be happy to be the dowdy aunt of the Gulf. However, over the last decade, the country has shrugged off its frumpy persona to reveal a glittering, buzzing country, ready to take the worlds of tourism, commerce and oil, and give its opulent neighbours a run for their money. Qatar’s capital Doha, is a perfect example of the country’s ugly-duckling style transformation. Once dubbed the most boring city on earth, Doha now boasts world-class art galleries, unrivalled shopping and a burgeoning culinary scene. However, amid the rapid growth of this adolescent city, there is evidence of its not-so-distant past, which adds to the allure and opulence of this admirable city. Like watching a slow-motion nature film of a bud unfurling into a flower, on your trip to Doha, you will have the opportunity to see a city growing before your eyes.

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