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With cheap flights to Dubrovnik, visit the mesmerizing city of Croatia. The city is also known as Pearl of the Adriatic, it is a famous tourist hotspot as it has many beautiful locations waiting for you. Visit the old city wall which is one of the best features of the city. The Stradun is a famous place where tourists mostly gather to see the drifting, the Dubrovnik Cathedral and Treasury is a baroque styled old building of Cathedral.

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See the city gate which gives the most amazing entrance and access to the city. The Square of the Loggia features some of the Dubrovnik’s most picturesque buildings and sites for the tourists. The Dubrovnik's Gibralta at the west is a rocky area and one of the Croatia’s most prominent fortresses. Visit the Big Fountain of Onofrio which is the city’s most important historic monument. The Dominican Monastery is a huge structure which was heavily smashed in 1667’s earthquake but managed to be rebuilt now. So now with cheap flights to Dubrovnik, you have a chance to view the Croatia’s beauty like never before, just grab your cheap tickets and start off your journey with Travangelo’s excellent flight fares.