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With cheap flights to Edinburgh, visit the beautiful capital city of Scotland. Famously known as the Athens of the North the city displays the Greek style architecture. A wide range of art galleries and museums makes it a wonder land of history. See the Royal Mile which has many historic landmarks and town houses. You can visit the Edinburg Castle which is the city’s most important landmark and most visited tourist attraction of Britain. The Palace of Holyroodhouse is a beautiful residency of the queen of Edinburg and has been a center of history of the city.

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The Holyrood Park is a beautiful site which gives an over view of the whole city and will make you see the most spectacular views from the height. The St Giles Cathedral is a sure highlight of Edinburg which is the most picturesque site of the city. See the oldest gardens of Britain the Royal Botanic Gardens which are the second oldest gardens here. The National Museum of Scotland which is a popular tourist attraction witnessing 200 million visitors annually. Now with cheap flights to Edinburg, you can easily see the beauty of Scotland’s attraction city. So book you tickets now and travel around with Travangelo’s best flight fares.