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With cheap flights to Florence, explore the beautiful city of Italy. Visit the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore which is a famous Cathedral of the city. The Uffizi Gallery which is a very popular Museum of Florence, you can see it near Piazza della Signoria. The Ponte Vecchio is a very beautiful bridge over the River Arno. The Basilica di Santa Croce is a stunning.Roman Catholic Florence church. The Piazza della Signoriais a beautiful L-shaped square near Palazzo Vecchio. The Piazzale Michelangelo is a panoramic plaza of Florence and is a beautiful structure to see.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
EDI to FLR flight British Airways £243 Round-Trip 22 January to 09 February 25 November 07:06
GLA to FLR flight Alitalia £304 Round-Trip 21 January to 19 February 26 November 04:29
BRS to FLR flight British Midland £351 Round-Trip 31 January to 05 February 24 November 11:31

Things to do in Florence

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The Palazzo Pitti is on the Southern end of River Arno and is an exotic site to see. See the Gallery of the Academy of Florence which is called Galleria dell'Accademia di Firenze in French where you will find the Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. See the Palazzo del Bargello also known as The Bargello which is served as an art museum of Florence. With all these beautiful attractions and much more, Florence becomes a must visiting place for you, grab cheap flights to Florence and plan a trip to the stunning city of Italy and explore the exotic city like never before.