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In order to sense a perfect ambiance of cultural sophistication and modernism, France comes up as anultimate destination.Historical treasures, dazzling naturalbounties, architectural excellence, everything is there to catch your eyes. So, get ready for such an enjoyable trip and just start knowing about the available flights to France.

i- Geography:

France features everything very unique and interesting. The country is the largest one in the Western Europe and is bordered with Belgiumand Luxembourg to the North East, with Germany, Switzerland and Italy to the East, with Mediterranean to the South, with Spain and Andorra to the South West and with Atlantic Ocean to the west.The country is surrounded with great Alps and mountain ranges. The Pyrenees and Mont Blanc are the prominent mountain ranges.

 ii- Weather:

Though, the country is amazing in its weather but summer season is the best time to pack your bags for this thrilling adventure.

During this time period, the season is mostly sunny all around the country. The Southern France is balmy in the spring season, i.e. March to May, as well as in autumn, i.e. September to October. The Northeastern Francehas warm summersalongside cool winters whereas the rainfalls are dominant throughoutthe year.

iii- Things to Do:

France has a lot for your excitement. The blessings of nature, fabulous architectural designs, sightseeing mountains and valleys, art, music, love and everything is there at this magical land.

i- Witness the Mighty Eiffel Tower: Want to experience the real panoramic view at the top most observatory deck? Eiffel Tower is there to give you that memorable experience. Visit this great monumentespecially at the night and enjoy the lovely view of twinkling multicolored lights.

ii- Sophisticated Fine Art of Versailles Palace: You will always be cherished with the sophisticated art work of the Palace of Versailles.

This was built during the reign of King Louis XIV, and it had been the center of all political activities in the pre-revolutionary era. The present day palace is preserved with the same fabulous structure, but the breathtaking designs of royal apartments, Hall of Mirrors and other meticulously designed rooms catch everyone’s attention.

iii- Colors of Cannes Film Festival: Get ready to dive into the colors of Cannes Film Festival. A luxury film festival that gathers world class directors, producers, actors and singers at one platform and showcases world’s best movies.

iv- Explore Great Cathedrals: France has every kind of architectural masterpiece. The amazing CathedralNotre-Dame de Reimsis among such astonishing architectures that isincluded in the UNESCO world heritage sites.