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Visit Freetown

With cheap flights to Freetown, visit the capital city of Sierra Leone. The city can be found at the heart of the Peninsula Mountains.

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LHR to FNA flight Brussels Airline £762 Round-Trip 31 July to 14 August 15 July 02:00

Things to do in Freetown

Cheap flights to Freetown

Get along the sightseeing locations of the city, the beautiful markets, hills, mountains and a trip to some beautiful beaches of the city. Sip a coffee at some popular cafes and restaurants with your friends to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Cheap flights to Freetown

The beaches of Freetown are a treat to visit; some of them include the river beach, Lakka beach, Lumley Beach, Hamilton Beach and the Bureh Beach.

Cheap flights to Freetown

In your leisure time, you can always have a check at some famous places of Freetown, Some of the popular attractions of Freetown are the Freetown Law Courts, St John's Maroon Church, The Cotton Tree, Foulah Town Mosque and ,Sierra Leone Museum.

Cheap flights to Freetown

History is always inspiring; Freetown is blessed to have some places rich in history. You can visit the St John's Maroon Church which was built in 1822 and it is one of the oldest church of Freetown displaying historical relics of it. See the St George's Cathedral and the Wharf Steps and the Old Guard House, The Martello Tower is another historically important place to see, visit the Sierra Leone National Railway Museum to get knowledge regarding ancient times of railway. With cheap flights to Freetown, don’t forget to have a tour around the beautiful city in Sierra Leone, grab your tickets and pack your bags to fly to Freetown with Travangelo.

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