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Visit Fukuoka

With cheap flights to Fukuoka, visit the stunning city of Japan with Travangelo. You can see the Ohori Park which displays Japan’s scenic beauty in a unique way. The Fukuoka Castle is a famous castle of Fukuoka and is really a beautiful one. The Kushida-jinja is a famous shrine of the city. See the Marine World Uminonakamichi which is a beautiful public aquarium. The Fukuoka Yafuoku is a popular stadium and a baseball field of Fukuoka. Shopping lovers can head towards the Canal City Hakata which is famously called as the city within the city. You can also experience a Japanese famous festival named as the Hakata Gion Yamakasa.

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See the Kyushu National Museum which is not only an important one but also the national museum of Japan. Explore the Fukuoka Tower which is the tallest seaside tower of the city. The Hakata Port Tower is another tower of Fukuoka which is 103 meter high. Now with Travangelo’s wide range of flights, you can easily select the one suitable for you, just grab the cheap flights to Fukuoka and plan a trip to Japan’s popular and beautiful city.