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Are you looking for a destination that offers you both, nature and technology? Then, Germany must be your landing place this time. A land with enchanting natural beauty, splendors of Alps and mountains, translucent water of riversis surely the place to arouse your aesthetic sense. On the other hand, the high technology standards of the countrymark the excellence of modern day Germany.

i- Geography:

Germany – the second largest country in terms of population after Russia in Central Europe is a land with powerful economy and has been a great focal point for tourists.Germany is equipped with a varied landscape;at the Southern end you will find a series of Alps, while the Harz Mountain ranges in central Germany. In the western region, the mighty Rhine Riverexists as a medium for transporting goods from Northern ports.

 ii- Weather:

A moderate weather exists in Germany all year round with warm summers and cold winters. The rainfall is dominant during summers. While the months from May through September are the best ones from tourism point of view, and many of the flights to Germany are booked at this time.

iii- Things to Do:

Being one of the most exciting tourists’ attractions, Germany paves the way for a plethora of amusements to make your trip super awesome. Whether you walk besides the rivers, explore the modern architecture, and enjoy the sips of traditional beer, Germany has got everything.

i- Feel the Exciting Vibes of Berlin: Germany’s capital, Berlin has everything for a perfect trip. This vibrant city features great monuments, museums and a very trendy night life. Never forget to see the iconic landmark of Brandenburg gate.

ii- Experience the Mighty Rhine: Feel the calmness by cruising through this mighty river, the Rhine. Get a chance for the flashback of those lovely fairytales, lovely small villages and towns that we used to hear about in our childhood.

iii- Have Fun at Black Forest: If you want to witness that fairytale’s beauty of villages, Black Forest is a place that you cannot even think to miss. Black Forest is a German countryside with lush green mountain ranges, scenic views of sky-high peaks. Alongside this amazing journey, the super delicious Black Forest Gateau is there to give you the real taste.

iv- See Christmas Markets of Munich: For a real fun-filled adventure, Munich is the real place to grab your attention. With lots of Rowdy beer halls, stately churches, lively Christmas markets. Just get wooden chalets, ginger bread and handmade items to take with you for your loved ones.