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By Chinese standards, Guangzhou, China’s third largest city, may not seem particularly big. However, it is bigger and older than any city in Europe orAmerica. Dating back over 2,000 years to the Qin Dynasty of 214 BC, Guangzhou boasts a culturally diverse population of 12 million, and rising. Situated on the Pearl River between Hong Kong and Macau, Guangzhou, formerly called Canton, is the capital city of the Guangdong Province. The thriving city is home to traditional Yhe (Cantonese) food and arts and, as such, a trip to Guangzhou is the perfect way to immerse yourself in traditional Yhe culture.

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1Direct Flights to Guangzhou

Direct flights to Guangzhou will take you to Guangzhou Baiyan International Airport (CAN), one of China’s busiest airports.

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2When to Visit

Guangzhou enjoys a subtropical climate and has four discrete seasons: a warm, rainy spring, hot summer, bright autumn days and crisp winter. Autumn (October to mid-December) is considered by most as the best time of year to take a trip to Guangzhou, as the warm, dry weather is perfect for exploring the delights of the city. The humidity, rain and haze of spring make it less than ideal for sightseeing, but if you can brave the heat of summer or cold of winter, you will encounter cheap flights to Guangzhou and fewer tourists. On the surface, Guangzhou feels like many large Asian cities, however, like all major cities, once you scratch the surface you will discover its distinctive identity. Guangzhou has a unique, laid-back atmosphere. The architecture, tourist attractions and eateries range from the quirky to the spectacular: your trip to Guangzhou is guaranteed to include some incredible experiences.

Cheap flights to Guangzhou

Like many of the major Chinese tourist destinations, Guangzhou is striving to make the history books with its spectacular architecture. As a result, the city’s skyline is continually evolving. It currently boasts two of the world’s top ten tallest hotels: the Four Seasons at Guangzhou International Finance Centre, and the much-anticipated Rosewood Hotel at the CTF Finance Centre, which is due to open in 2018. At 438 and 530 metres tall respectively, both towers feature stunning observation decks, restaurants and bars. Situated on the edge of the Pearl River, the record-breaking Canton tower, whose 150 metre spire soars 600 metres above ground, is a must-see at night. Come evening time, the intricately designed building is stunningly illuminated to transform the night sky. Inside the Canton Tower, you can enjoy a range of opportunities, including world class shopping, a 4D cinema, the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, and the world’s highest horizontal Ferris wheel. Guangzhou’s architecture isn’t limited exclusively to gravity-defying skyscrapers. The Guangdong Olympic Stadium was initially built for the Olympics in 2008, and is designed to take the form of a flower, in deference to the city’s nickname: “Flower City”. The contemporary Opera House was created to bring Guangzhou into the new millennium and pays homage to the Cantonese Opera for which Guangzhou is renowned. The Opera House’s breath-taking, intergalactic architecture took £130 million, five years and 75,000 granite slabs to build. Its world-class line-up and unrivalled architecture make it a must-see on your trip to Guangzhou.

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4Parks and Theme Parks

The Chinese are nothing if not industrious, and since the mid-80s, they have made it their business to make world-class amusement parks, such as the acclaimed Guangzhou Chimelong Holiday Resort. The resort is actually a cluster of four parks: Chimelong Safari Park, Chimelong International Circus, Chimelong Paradise, Chimelong Water Park and Chimelong Birds Park. Ride the record-breaking rollercoaster at Chimelong Paradise, the 60-acre amusement park. See the second biggest group of pandas in the world at the 320-acre zoo and safari, home to over 460 rare and endangered species. Prepare to be amazed at Chimelong International Circus, the largest circus stadium in the world, where you will see a fusion of Eastern and Western circus acts, featuring laughs aplenty and gravity-defying stunts. As can be expected, Guangzhou is incredibly congested, so walking is not the best way to get around. There are, however, a few walking routes: we recommend Yuexiu Park, a great place to get some space, take a walk and indulge in some people watching, away from the hubbub of city life.

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5Foods and Markets

As the capital of the traditional Canton Province, Guangzhou is one of the best places in the world to experience traditional Cantonese (Yhe) shopping and food. Cantonese cuisine is so popular that it is now identified by most cultures as Chinese food when, in fact, it is just one of China’s eight cooking styles. Lower in fat and salt than the Western interpretation of Cantonese cooking, in Guangzhou you will discover the true roots of these much-loved traditional flavours. Mild, fresh and slightly sweet, Yhe food in Guangzhou has all the delicious elements of Western Cantonese food, without taking such a toll on the waistline. As you may expect, the shopping opportunities in Guangzhou are many and varied. You can pick up a bargain in the huge, wholesale markets, where you will find clothing, cosmetics, furniture and technology galore. However, shopping for high fashion in Guangzhou won’t be so successful; instead, take a trip to Hong Kong, where you can take advantage of high-end, duty-free shopping. Whether you are looking for incredible food, white-knuckle entertainment, record-breaking architecture or simply the vibrancy of traditional Chinese cultures, on your trip to Guangzhou, you will find it all, and more, in abundance. If you are planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to China, let Travangelo help you to find cheap flights to Guangzhou, where your adventures can begin.

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