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With cheap flights to Guatemala, visit the country around Central America. You can watch the ruins of Tikal which dates back thousand years back along with the Tikal National Park. The Antigua Guatemala is one of the popular highlights of Guatemala which has lovely bustling streets and buildings surrounding it. See the Lake Atitlan which is referred as one of the most beautiful lakes of Guatemala.




See the Chichicastenango market which is locally known as Chichi, the market is surrounded with mountains and valleys. Quetzaltenango is the second largest and most beautiful cities of Guatemala, the attractive sights there include Parque Centro America, Volcan Tajumulco and many neoclassical buildings. See the  Pacaya Volcano which is a unique site to see especially the hiking 




experience is really good here. Livingston on the Caribbean Coast is a small town which is brightly and vibrantly colored with wooden houses and coconut trenches. So visit the beautiful country at the Central America and explore it at your own end, grab the cheap flights to Guatemala and visit it with Travangelo’s best and affordable flight fares.