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Visit Haikou

Now with cheap flights to Haikou, visit the beautiful city of China. Visit the Holiday Beach which is at the Qingling Road and is a beautiful tourist attraction, get sun bathed lying on the white sand. Visit the Volcano Crater Park which is a natural museum of Haikou, there is a park on its side which has a garden and a corridor.

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The Hainan Tropical Wildlife Garden is another attraction of the city; it is a theme garden displaying the wildlife of the city. See the Tropical Ocean World which has an amusement park for children, Merry Ocean and a millennium tower. See the beautiful Five Ministers Temples which are a famous tourist hotspot. See the Mangrove Forest which is at the Dongzhai Port, it includes six rivers and numerous bays. See the Xixiu Beach Park which provides astonishing and stunning views. Now with cheap flights to Haikou, you can easily plan a trip to the city of China and those too at utter ease, so grab your ticket now and book your flights with Travangelo.

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