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With cheap flights to Hannover, discover the city of Germany. Lying within the River Leine, Hannover is a significant cultural center and also a host to festivals and fairs. The city remained notable for its festivals like Oktoberfest which is one of its kind of celebrations. Hannover is a place housing excellent art galleries, theaters and museums.

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The Herrenhausen Gardens, the Maschpark and the Lonspark Zoo are some major highlights of the city. Hannover is popularly referred as the city in the country. The Herrenhausen Gardens is a beautifuly styled park of the city with lots of cactus and orchids. Right to the center of the old town is the Marktplatz which encompasses many historical buildings of the city. The town hall has an inspiring structure and architecture. The Hanover Opera House is a famous opera house with great structure; you can see the New Town Church at the old town. Plan a visit to The Lower Saxony State Museum which is right beside the New Town Hall. Now with cheap flights to Hannover, you can easily plan a trip to the majestic city of Germany, so grab the tickets now and plan a trip with Travangelo.