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Hong Kong:

When it comes to trip any of the popular Asian destinations, Hong Kong is like a hot spot. Hong Kong - an amazing land withvibrant colors of culture, tradition and history would take you to a different world that will give you a pleasurable experience to cherish with.

i- Geography:

Located in the South-east of People’s Republic of China,Hong Kong occupies an area of 1,102 sq kilometers. Due to its geographical position, the land has been a tremendous gateway to connect East with the West, and thus makes it center of attention. The country mainly consists of four parts, including, Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, The New Territories and around 200 outlying islands.

 ii- Weather:

The climate in Hong Kong is sub-tropical and humid in major. The winter season is rare occurring only in the months from December to February or March.

But humidity is always high throughout the yearand at its peak during the summer season. The peak rainfall occurs in the months from May to November, while the hottest seasonoccurs in between July and August.

iii- Things to Do:

This great Asian land has gathered everything to make visitor contented and happy. From excellent natural attractions to the themed ones, best foods and drinks, sightseeing places, Hong Kong has wrapped everything under its label.

i- Get Amazing Fun at Ocean Park: For a real enthusiastic fun, Hong Kong has got a unique adventure pack for you. Ocean Park is a marine life based amusement park that comes up with a perfect blend of entertainment with education and learning. There you can have fun with animal exhibits, thrilling rides and interesting shows.

ii- Dive into the Fun of Hong Kong Disneyland: In order to embark on anew journey of fun, magic and excitement, Hong Kong Disneyland is the right place for you. 

A number of great Disney characters, majestic showcasing of lighting and a lot more fun is there to welcome you. The notable attractions include Toy Story Land, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch and more.

iii- Hit Shops at Great Ladies’ Market: Tung Choi Streetis filled up with exciting stalls and markets for ladies clothing, shoes and other accessories. The ladies can enjoy an amazing sale offer on all kinds of items and can grab multiple items within budget.

iv- Explore Madam Tussauds Hong Kong: Get ready to plunge into an incredible experience of seeing the wax-figures of personalities of the world. The life-like statues placed inside the museum will definitely leave you astonished for a few minutes.