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Visit Istanbul

For the best world listed heritage, splendors of natural beauty, grandeurs of history, Istanbul welcomes you warmly. It is the real time to check out for the flights to Istanbul, Turkey and get your seat booked instantly. Turkey is the dream land for any tourist that has folded a number of surprises in her lap.

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Things to do in Istanbul


Istanbul –The Magical City of Turkey

In order to spend the real fun-filled moments in Turkey, one can never forget to see Istanbul. It is aprominent city of Turkey that has historical excellence alongside modern days’ trendy life. Having the excellent cultural heritage, the city has maintained the glorious history of country and will give you a captivating experience of fun and peace.


Interesting Facts about Istanbul:

Istanbul is a place with multiple options to be enthralled with. It was the capital city of Turkey Rome to the Ottoman era, but now Ankara is the capital of modern day Turkey. Interestingly, Istanbul is the only city that connects two continents, i.e. Asia with Europe.Although, it is not the capital of Turkey but is the largest city with a population of over 13 million.


Best Time to Visit Istanbul

Though, it is a year round destination but Istanbul gets too frosty and chilled in the winter season.With a heavy rainfall and snow, the winters get quite tough and you may face difficulty in making a good trip. The best months are April and May, September and October.


Top Attractions in Istanbul

Whatever you want to experience for a memorable journey, this majestic land of Istanbul has everything to get excited about.


i- See Splendors of Topkapi Palace

The official residence of the Ottoman empires 'TopkapiSarai' (Topkapi Palace) is the real place to see. Visit the palace on your own and havegreat insights about an extravagant lifestyle of the Turkish emperors seeing gardens, courtyards, ceremonial robes and glistening jewels.


ii- Shopping at Grand Bazaar

Experience the fun of shopping in the largest covered market of Turkey. At Grand Bazaar, you can find anything of your interest. Lovely Turkish carpets, apparels, brassware, pottery and tiles and more. To add more pleasure, try the delicacies of restaurants present inside the Bazaar.


iii- Striking View of Blue Mosque

Do not forget to enjoy the scenic beauty of this wonderful mosque. This is one of the best things of Istanbul where you will come across great architecture. Made up with blue tiles, you will see the blue light enlightening the whole mosque through its 250 windows