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Visit Kabul

Take our cheap flights to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. A resilient survivor of a city, that has managed to stay afloat during the battles of its past and now entices the intrepid travelers with its rich culture and peculiar traditions.

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Things to do in Kabul


The architecture of Kabul is a portrayal of the past. The Mausoleum of Nadir Shah, the Shah-e-Doh Shamshira Mosque, Babur’s Gardens and even the Sultani Museum depict the Middle Eastern influences while the Royal Palace of Darulaman and the European Cemetery provide a stark contrast to them, telling a story of their own.


Travel with our cheap flights of Kabul and indulge in a cuisine that is a perfect balance between spicy and hot. Majorly influenced by their neighboring regions, Kabulis have come up with dishes that do justice to their origins while also containing a unique flavor of their. Pulao, Qorma, Shorma and a variety of breads and rice dishes await you in this aromatic city.


The festivals in Kabul stay true to their core. Celebrate the Jeshyn-Afghan Day, to commemorate the relinquishing of British hold on Afghanistan. But the best festivities take place during Eid-e-Fitr, with colours, henna and an alarming amount of sweets, or Eid-e-Qurban, when you can dine with the locals and experience their hospitality. So fly with us with our cheap flights to Kabul and ensure a comfortable trip for yourself.