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Visit Kinshasa

Now with cheap flights to Kinshasa, plan a trip to the famous capital city of Democratic Republic of the Congo, the city can be found lying at the heart of the Congo River. It is the third largest city in the African region after Lagos and Cairo.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
MAN to FIH flight Air France £869 Round-Trip 29 December to 10 January 10 April 11:41
BHX to FIH flight KLM £2320 Round-Trip 02 August to 29 August 08 April 01:29

Things to do in Kinshasa

Cheap flights to Kinshasa

The city was known as Zaire till past 1997, maybe that’s why people are unaware of it or it may not have rung the bell in your mind when you hear Kinshasa, however, once you visit it now you will find out what you missed by not planning a trip to Kinshasa.

Cheap flights to Kinshasa

Some of the notable attractions of Kinshasa include central market, Kinshasa Fine Arts Academy, Hotel Memling, Kinshasa Museum and SOZACOM Building. You can also visit the city zoo, the Boboto center and the tomb of former President Laurent Kabila.

Cheap flights to Kinshasa

The botanical gardens of Kisantu are another major attraction for tourists from all over the world. You can see Clear River to swim there and simply walk within its sideways or you can also do fishing here. Now with the cheap flights to Kinshasa, you can plan a trip to the unexplored city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, so grab your tickets now and plan a trip with Travangelo to avoid any hassle.