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Visit Langkawi

When one wants to unwind his/herself, a journey to an island will be the best therapy in this regard. And if you are the one who is looking to explore an iconic island, then you must check availability of the flights to Langkawi, Malaysia. Thisdream island will take you to a different world of peace and tranquility, and you will be treated with nature’s beauty uniquely.

Departure Cities to Langkawi

Airports near Langkawi

Things to do in Langkawi


1Langkawi–The Dream Island in Malaysia

With the name of Malaysia, a lively environment of multiple cultures, languages and traditions strikes one’s mind. Rugged mountains, sandy beaches, rich forest and mangroves are the real attractions of Malaysia. And the same pleasurable experience extends with a trip to Langkawi.


2Interesting Facts about Langkawi

On the North western shore of Malaysia in the Malaccan straits, an archipelago of Langkawi islands is situated. This archipelago of Langkawi consists of 99 islands and each island is an amazing treat of fun and discovery. Langkawi being the largest island of all, covers an area of 478.5 sqkilometers, but is still an undeveloped one. Beautiful forests surrounded by breezy beaches, offer a great excitement to be discovered.


3Best Time to Visit Langkawi

In general, Langkawi is a region with hot and humid weather all year round. But the best season to enjoy your trip is in the months between November and April. These months offer a perfect blend of balanced sunshine with little rainfall. This will give you a pleasant experience on the island.


4Top Attractions of Langkawi

Langkawi, with its rugged beauty welcomes you warmly to rediscover the nature. Let’s explore some of the great splendors of heaven on this island.


5i- Enjoy Langkawi cable Car

Experience a breathtaking view of the lovely rainforest, iconic island and crystal blue waters by reaching the top of the mount Mat Cincang. Langkawi cable car will give you this amazing 15 minutes ride that will mesmerize you with nature’s beauty.


6ii- Thrill with Water Sports Activities

It is the high time to take on an adventure ride with amazing water sports activities including snorkeling, diving and waterskiingthat will give you a real thrill of your life.


7iii- Underwater World Langkawi

In order to know the main insights of sea creatures and wild animals, this aquarium has housed some of such species for you. This is in fact Malaysia’s largest aquarium with creatures including, sharks, mandarins,rockhopper penguins and a lot more.