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Visit Mauritius

Mauritius – a name that reflects the multitude of culture is an island that will bring your dreams into reality. The land with idiosyncratic beaches and luxury hotelshas been recognized as a famous tourist spot. In order to unfold the real meaning of tranquility and peace,you must get any of the flights to Mauritius instantly, and unlock the true heavenly luxuries.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
LHR to MRU flight Swiss £691 Round-Trip 16 November to 30 November 14 July 09:52
MAN to MRU flight Kenya Airways £1697 Round-Trip 25 July to 11 August 09 April 10:52

Things to do in Mauritius City

Cheap flights to Mauritius City

Mauritius is a mountainous and volcanicis land, lying in the South West region of the Indian Ocean, and855 kilometers east of Madagascar. The island covers around 1,865 sq kilometersof area, and mainly consists of the mountain ranges. The mountains are not that much high, with the highest mountain lying in its South West part at 828 meters height. The country also encompasses the RodriguezIsland to the East of the mainland Mauritius. Alongside mainland Mauritius and Rodriguez Island,there are two outlying islands to the North of Mauritius, known as Agalega Islands.

Cheap flights to Mauritius City

Mauritius attracts tourists to its sightseeing places, because of the moderate temperature throughout the year.Being in Southern hemisphere, the summers and winters are opposite to that of Europe. From November to April, the weather is hot with humidity. While the rainfall is quite dominant during summers. On the other hand, the winter season is from May to October with cool breezes blowing gently.

Cheap flights to Mauritius City
3Things to Do:

A beautiful blend of Indian, African, Chineseand French cultures can be experienced onthis land. Beautiful and scenic white sand beaches, adornment of palm trees, luxury hotels, and the fun of water sports – thus every relaxing experience you will find in Mauritius. Just come out of your rooms and explore the

Cheap flights to Mauritius City
4i- Explore A Blend of Culture:

Being a mix of diversified cultures, Mauritius gives you an opportunity to explore an enriched culture. influences of Chinese, Indian, African and French cultures on this lovely land. A number of mosques, temples, churches and Chinese pagodas can be witnessed.

Cheap flights to Mauritius City
5ii- Unwind Yourself at Mauritian Beaches:

Everyone wants to enjoy the natural beauty. At Mauritian beaches, you will be capable to unwind yourself with the splendors of white sandy beaches and crystal blue sparkling water.

Cheap flights to Mauritius City
6iii- Thrilling Water Sports:

Get amazed with Mauritian water activities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and deep-sea diving all are there to amuse you at the peak. But above all, the most exciting is Under-sea walk.

Cheap flights to Mauritius City
7iv- Enjoy Bites of Mauritian Street Food:

For getting real taste of colors and flavors, one must try the Mauritian Street Food. You can opt for Indian, Chinese, African and French styles of foods and can relish on the scrumptious dishes.

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