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Melbourne Destination Guide

With its lush parks, Victorian boulevards and hip bars, Melbourne brings a European twist to the typical laid-back vibe associated with Australian cities. Situated on one of the country’s southern-most points, Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, and has an age-old rivalry with the country’s largest city – Sydney. Sydney undeniably wins on natural beauty, economy and glamour. However, Melburnians think (and many outsiders agree) that Melbourne’s glorious juxtapositions just give it the edge. The vestiges of 19th-Century gold-rush wealth combined with a thriving art scene and countless uber-hip bars and clubs make Melbourne, possibly, the coolest city in Australia, if not the world. The city is a veritable melting pot of cultures, having seen a massive influx of immigrants since WWII. Whole communities from Lebanon, Sudan, Vietnam, Italy, Turkey and Greece relocated to Melbourne and the surrounding area. In fact, such was the influx of Greek nationals, that Melbourne is statistically the third-largest Greek city (coming after Athens and Thessaloniki). The result? A delicious cacophony of cultures, which is evident in the city’s diverse authentic cuisine, making it a haven for food-lovers.

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