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Visit Miami

With its incredible Art Deco architecture, beautiful beaches and blissful weather, Miami is the perfect place for a bit of glamour in the sun. Perhaps it is the fact that Miami enjoys an average of 3,200 hours of sunshine a year (that’s almost nine hours a day!), but the laid-back energy of the city makes it a favourite escape for sun seekers who want a little bit of everything, from spectacular scenery and food, to an eclectic mix of malls and boutiques, and even a spot of deep-sea fishing. It is, therefore, not surprising that this dazzling city is one of the world’s leading holiday destinations.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
STN to MIA flight Austrian Airline £425 Round-Trip 01 February to 08 February 22 November 10:10
LCY to MIA flight Lufthansa £447 Round-Trip 01 February to 08 February 22 November 10:10
LHR to MIA flight Air Portugal £449 Round-Trip 01 February to 08 February 22 November 10:10
LGW to MIA flight Aeroflot £534 Round-Trip 01 February to 08 February 22 November 10:10
LBA to MIA flight Major Carrier £713 Round-Trip 30 January to 28 February 06 December 04:04
CWL to MIA flight Flybe £745 Round-Trip 22 January to 13 February 05 December 07:19

Things to do in Miami

Cheap flights to Miami
1VIsit Miami

Like many of America’s fast-growing metropolitan areas, Miami is made up of a number of smaller cities. However, it is essentially has two halves: mainland Miami, with its offices, malls and hip art districts and, connected to the mainland via causeways, Miami Beach, (also known as South Beach or SoBe). Getting from one side to the other can be time-consuming due to traffic, so if your trip to Miami is a brief one, we suggest that you plan your itinerary around one side, and stick to it.

Cheap flights to Miami
2Direct Flights to Miami

Direct flights to Miami will bring you to Miami International Airport (MIA), about 5 miles away (about a 15-minute drive). There are plenty of shuttle services, or you can get a cab. If you are planning on exploring your surroundings during your trip to Miami, it may be worth considering car hire.

Cheap flights to Miami
3When to Visit

The beauty of Miami’s subtropical climate is that even winter is warm enough to wear flip flops! Summer can see soaring temperatures and during winter, the city, hotels and beaches can become overcrowded with people seeking winter sun. If you are looking for cheap flights to Miami and fewer tourists, the best time to visit is May, when temperatures are a pleasant 21-28°C.

Cheap flights to Miami
4Water, Water, Everywhere….

The initial lure of Miami is undeniable: the white sand of the beaches, pristine against the azure sea and cobalt skies are perfectly complemented by stunning Art Deco hotels and beautiful people rollerblading along the boardwalks. It is virtually impossible to visit South Beach without picturing yourself in a move set! Of course, a trip to South Beach for a spot of people-watching, something delicious to eat, and a day relaxing on the beach is a must on your trip to Miami. However, the coastal location means that there are a host of water-based activities that must be experienced to be believed. Due to the 365-day sunshine and warm sea temperatures, Miami offers world-class water sport facilities. Here you can go kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving or deep-sea fishing. You can take windsurfing lessons or rent a jet ski for an hour or two. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that it will be an experience you will never forget. For a true insight into nature, take a trip to the Everglades, the crocodile-infested tropical wetlands running across Southern Florida. The vast, 1.5 million acres of saw-grass prairies, sub-tropical jungles and swamps are home to fourteen rare and endangered species, including the American crocodile, the Floridan panther and the West Indian manatee. The best way to experience the magnificence of the Everglades is via an airboat tour, which is both exhilarating and fascinating. Fifteen miles south of Miami and stretching almost all the way to Cuba are the Florida Keys, a stunning series of large coral islands. When you visit Florida Keys, you can choose a larger island, where you will find a host of festivals, museums, galleries and street performers. If you want to escape the vibrant energy of Miami, head for one of the smaller islands: it is not unusual to find a deserted one, where you can enjoy the view, soak up the sun, and indulge in a few hours’ peace.

Cheap flights to Miami
5Arts and Culture

The arts are important to Miami and form a core part of their identity and development. New galleries purveying the creations of up-and-coming artists stand in close proximity to older, established galleries and museums, such as the Perez Art Museum and the Dina Mitrani Gallery. Like the overall culture of Miami, the galleries don’t tend to be pretentious and uptight; they exude a laid-back atmosphere that really encourage you to relax and enjoy the art in a way that feels right to you. Miami’s love of art is so prolific that it overflows from galleries and museums into the streets. Street art here is celebrated and enjoyed by all. Barely a wall is left bare in the Wynwood Arts District, which culminates at the Wynwood Walls, where artists from around the world are exhibited. If you don’t feel up to pounding the streets of Wynwood, check out the bike tours which run free every Sunday.

Cheap flights to Miami
6Food and Drink

Forget the stereotypical super-size-me culture traditionally associated with Floridan food. Food and drink in Miami caters to all tastes and will exceed even your wildest imaginings. The unique combination of Latin, Caribbean and American influences means that there is a broad range of choice, from luxury steakhouses to traditional Cuban restaurants. For a delicious taste of South America, head to the Brickell area. Here, you will be able to experience the vast array of South American and Caribbean dishes that Miami does so well, including irresistible Cuban and Peruvian fare. At elCielo, you can experience authentic Columbian food with a contemporary twist. Using molecular gastronomy, traditional Colombian flavours are deconstructed and reconstructed, with truly delectable results. With such good credentials: stunning location, sub-tropical weather and clear waters, it is easy to forget that Miami has so much more to offer. On your trip to Miami, you will be able to peel away the layers of this oh-so-beautiful city and discover its equally beautiful hidden depths. If you want to discover more, let Travangelo help you to find cheap flights to Miami.

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