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Outstanding Oceania

You should definitely visit the beautiful Oceania district. Located at the center of islands of Pacific Ocean, lies this beautiful region.  At the heart of the Northern Territory you can see the famous Uluru that has remarkable red rocks and domes, the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest coral reef of the world. Great piece of art is performed at the Sydney opera House and you can also visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge there. Then you can visit the Tongariro National Park which is the oldest and most beautiful park in New Zealand. On the South Pacific island is the Bora Bora surrounded by Turquois Lagoon and Coral Reef.

Beautiful surroundings

The North island of New Zealand has the famous Waitomo Caves that is a worth seeing tourist destination. Alongside of Whitsunday Island in Australia, it is an extremely beautiful Whitehaven Beach. 

 On the North Pacific Ocean region, there is this stunning archipelago of eight islands that makes up one the Hawaiian Islands. To see mountainous beauty, visit the Aoraki Mount Cook that is the highest mountain in New Zealand.

Geographical location

The Oceania contains various islands and lands of the Pacific Ocean. The biggest country so far is Australia, which is followed by New Zealand and by small groups of regions of Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia. Oceania is luckily blessed with some of the natural surroundings and beauty. The volcanic islands and coral reefs are just stunning.

Best cities for party lovers

From New Zealand to Australia, party scene is always on in the Oceania district, you can trip around Sydney to explore the best nightlife and parties, the beaches of Auckland and Melbourne are also a great option for viewing and experiencing the night life.

Natural beauty

The Great Barrier Reef and picturesque beaches of Australia and New Zealand are some of the best options to see the natural beauty around Oceania. You can dip in the best diving spots surrounded by beautiful sceneries and sites. The Ayers Rock of Uluru, ride around Great Ocean road and swimming at the Mornington Peninsula will give you a complete pleasure.

Visit the beautiful Oceania

Don’t miss out the opportunity to see these naturally beautiful countries and their famous tourist attractions, so book a flight to your favorite one and fly with us. Oceania is blessed with some of the most exotic natural beauties, natural wonders, beautiful cities and beach regions. The symbolic Sydney Opera House, Queenstown, discovering Blenheim, exploring the bay of island maritime park and beautiful Wineglass Bay are the best options to see in Oceania district.  So hurry up! Plan a trip with Travangelo to see these naturally blessed locations of Oceania.