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Visit Orlando

In the heart of the Sunshine State, you will find Orlando, packed with theme parks, restaurants, and limitless activities. Florida is, for many, the holiday of a life time, where the opportunities are limited only by your imagination, budget and time. There is no doubt that your trip to Orlando will be enchanting, fun-filled and truly, utterly unforgettable. So buckle up, take a deep breath and get ready to explore the myriad delights on offer in Orlando.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
BFS to MCO flight Delta £494 Round-Trip 28 April to 19 May 17 August 07:57
BHD to MCO flight British Airways £533 Round-Trip 28 April to 19 May 17 August 07:57

Things to do in Orlando

Cheap flights to Orlando
1Direct Flights to Orlando

Direct Flights to Orlando will bring you to Orlando International Airport (MCO), about 12 miles from downtown Orlando. You can get a cab or shuttle service to your accommodation but many people opt to rent a car from the airport, which is the world’s largest centre for car rentals. This is cost effective and can give you the freedom to explore in and around Orlando at your leisure.

Cheap flights to Orlando
2When to Visit

Orlando’s temperatures reach around 33 degrees in July and August, with the occasional heavy shower. In winter, from December to February, there is less rain and the daytime temperatures stay in the low twenties, although at night time it can be much cooler. Orlando is a favourite family holiday location; thus, prices and crowd sizes rise sharply during the school holidays. For cheap flights to Orlando and great deals on hotels and park entry, try to go outside the school holidays. November is hot and less busy, as are February, March and June (if you go in June, be prepared for the occasional downpour).

Cheap flights to Orlando
3Theme Parks and Attractions

To many, the theme parks and amusements of Orlando embody the city and, in fact, Florida. Big kids and small will be swept away by the incredible effects and rides available at theme parks and amusements such as Walt Disney World, Aquatica, Legoland and Universal Studios. Only in Orlando can you find yourself wandering down Diagon Alley, meet real-life Disney heroes, go indoor Kart racing, or go swooping, plunging and soaring on a range of white-knuckle rides. It may be a cliché, but it is true: dreams really do come true in Orlando, and you will make memories that will last a lifetime. For more cerebral entertainment, head slightly out of Orlando to the Kennedy Space Centre, where you will gain a fascinating insight into the dangers, challenges and successes faced by America’s space heroes and legends. Bear in mind that most people go to Orlando for the theme parks, so they will be busy (even during quieter times of year). Planning ahead and securing fast track tickets can help to alleviate the stress of queuing, but, to be honest, the queues are inevitable. So, grab a drink and a snack to refuel while you wait, and embrace the queues as part of the unique Orlando experience.

Cheap flights to Orlando
4Natural Beauty

The common misconception about Orlando is that all it offers is the ersatz glamour and fun of the theme park experiences. In fact, there are nearly as many nature parks in Orlando as there are theme parks. If you have had enough of the theme parks and fancy doing something alternative, check out their natural counterparts, where you can go kayaking, hiking, swimming or fishing, and witness Florida’s wildlife in its natural habitat. Just a little way out of thriving Orlando you will find deer, birds of prey, osprey, manatees and, of course alligators. If you have a pool in your garden, be vigilant and always secure your alligator nets; it is not uncommon for an alligator to pop into town for a spot of lunch…. There are plenty of day or longer experiences that allow you to explore the marshes and wetlands around Orlando. Don’t go home without taking a trip to Florida Keys, a vast collection of coral islands that stretch from Florida, almost all the way to Cuba.

Cheap flights to Orlando

Orlando is a city of excess: fun, rides, lights, magic and, of course, food. Don’t be put off by the stereotype of children walking around eating real-size buckets of ice cream, or chowing down on a full-sized turkey leg. While it is true that often Orlando’s food is big (and we mean BIG), there is still plenty of choice for those with more reserved appetites. Feast until your heart’s content with a host of all-you-can eat buffets, serving traditional Southern fare alongside dishes from around the world; dine with the fishes at Sea World’s Underwater Grill, or make dining a real experience and enjoy a show while you eat at the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. For more refined, romantic dining there are a host of high-end restaurants that offer a fine dining experience, Orlando-style. Whatever your dreams, desires and aspirations, Orlando has enough to fuel the imaginations of kids, from age 1 to 101 years old. There is no doubt that you can eat, drink, and do different things every day on your trip to Orlando within the many incredible theme parks; whether you venture out of town to explore the more natural and cerebral delights on offer is, quite simply, up to you. Whatever you decide, your trip to Orlando will be a truly memorable one, where you will create magical memories that will last forever.If you are planning a trip to Florida, let Travangelo help you to find cheap flights to Orlando.

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