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To reveal rich cultural heritage and real taste of cuisines, Paris is the city having wonders for your trip.Take any of the flights to Paris, France and come across the enriched beauty in terms of architecture and culture. Paris would never disappoint you and would quench your thirst of travelling with its sightseeing attractions and fun-filled activities.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
LHR to CDG flight KLM £222 Round-Trip 01 April to 03 April 30 December 03:45
LCY to CDG flight KLM £246 Round-Trip 01 April to 03 April 30 December 03:45
LGW to ORY flight British Airways £306 Round-Trip 21 March to 21 March 14 March 01:25
GLA to CDG flight KLM £790 Round-Trip 02 April to 14 April 19 March 09:38
EMA to CDG flight British Midland £2484 Round-Trip 23 March to 25 March 16 March 10:45

Things to do in Paris

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1Paris –The Fascinating Capital of France:

France is one of the biggest countries in Europe and the largest one in the Western Europe. Paris is the capital of country and is considered among the cities that have amazing history. The city is named after a Celtic tribe, the Parisii who founded this city.

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2Best Time to Visit Paris:

The spring season of Paris from April to June, it is the best time to visit this great land. With sunny days that are not too hot, the city is quite reasonable during these months. Another option can be the autumn and winter months, when you will find fewer crowd and little snow.

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3Things to Do in Paris:

With the name of Paris, the true colors of art and culture strike one’s mind. The captivating attractions of the city have the magic enough to blow your mind. Have a glance at notable attractions and interesting things to do in Paris.

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4i- Experience the Giant Eiffel Tower:

Paris is the land of monuments and great architecture. In order to experience this fact, Eiffel tower is there to give you a thrilling view. Especially, viewing this architectural beauty at night mesmerizes the person with its elegant showcase of lights.

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5ii- Thrills of Roller Skating and Visit Notre Dame Cathedral:

The skate park Espace Glisse de paris has been a focal point for all skaters, roller bladers and BMXers. Get to this park and get amazing fun of skating.Paris is flooded with Cathedrals and other such monumental buildings. You will be glad seeing this excellent architectural beauty.

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6iii- Make A Trip to Luxembourg Gardens:

Enjoy the botanical beauty of flowers and green plants. Luxembourg garden is a great place to enjoy such a refreshing trip for free.

Cheap flights to Paris
7iv- Delightful Walking Tours:

In Paris, you must have some fun while doing some walking tours. There are many of the walking tours to different places and sightseeing buildings that you can experience and can learn a lot about this history and culture of France.

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