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With its Mediterranean climate and kaleidoscope of cultures, Perth is the perfect city in which to swim, surf, sail, or simply while away the hours in the sun. Located between the warm Indian ocean and the arid Outback, Perth is a lush oasis in the desert, frequented by national and international tourists.

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Things to do in Perth

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ust thirty years ago, Perth was a sleepy Outback town, far away from its cosmopolitan counterparts in Eastern Australia, both geographically and culturally. The 21st Century saw the capital of Western Australia blossom and it is now a bustling hub, home to 1.7 million people (75% of Western Australia’s population). Perth is a veritable melting pot of cultures- over a third of its population was born overseas- and the result is a modern, vibrant city that is unlike any other. In Perth, you get the best of both worlds. Explore stunning natural landscapes or indulge in delectable food and drink in one of the many trendy bars and eateries. Embrace culture with trips to art galleries and museums, or enjoy some of the best beaches in all of Australia. The choice is yours: on your trip to Perth, you will find something for all tastes.

Cheap flights to Perth
2Direct Flights to Perth

Direct flights to Perth will bring you to Perth Airport (PER), which serves international and domestic tourists.

Cheap flights to Perth
3When to Visit

Based near the coast of Southwestern Australia, Perth enjoys a mild, Mediterranean climate. In winter (June – August), you will experience lower temperatures of around 17°C and during the summer months (December – February), temperatures are a pleasantly hot 30°C. Winter can see a lot of rainfall, so the best time to take a trip to Perth is between November and March, when there is less rain. If you are looking great value and cheap flights to Perth, try to time your trip outside of the school holidays but when the weather is still warm and dry, in November or March.

Cheap flights to Perth
4Food and Drink

Perth’s rapid growth over the last two decades, as well as its cultural diversity, are reflected in its food and drink. Whether you fancy Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, or Italian, Perth offers a plethora of authentic cuisines from around the world; head to Northbridge, North of the river, for an irresistible choice of Asian and European foods. Seafood plays a central role in Perth’s cuisine and you can enjoy a variety of dishes which have come straight from the Indian Ocean, to your plate! The temperate climate makes eating and drinking outside a pleasant part of socialising in Perth. Don’t go home without indulging in sunset cocktails along the river, fish and chips on the beach, or fine dining al fresco. Bijou bars and bistros are popping up all over the city, where you can enjoy cocktails, local wines and beers. Western Australia is renowned for its wine; sample the best on offer with a Swan Valley Wine Tour, where you can explore the flavours of 40 vineyards. Take a cruise up the Swan river and enjoy delicious samples as you take in the scenery, or embrace your inner vintner and cycle through the lush green vineyards, sampling as you go!

Cheap flights to Perth

Perth’s beaches are some of the best in Australia. Western Australia benefits from the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and the climate means that it can be enjoyed for most of the year. Surfers and families alike will be able to find their own favourite beach; families tend to head for beaches like Cottlesloe, just outside of Perth, where the safe waters, picnic areas and plentiful restaurants are perfect for experiencing quintessential Ozzie beach life. Surfers and tourists seeking a more solitary beach may want to venture further afield, to coves and beaches with better surf. Ask locals or hire a car if you want to discover the myriad secret beaches in and around Perth.

Cheap flights to Perth
6Parks and Nature

At the centre of Perth, you will find Kings Park, one of the biggest parks in the world -larger even than New York’s Central Park. Here, you can experience the Australian Bush, without even leaving the city. Kings Park is considered sacred by Aborigines. It possesses an ethereal tranquillity that fills you with a feeling of wellbeing as you take in stunning views of the Swan River amid beautiful gardens, bushland trails, and ancient trees. On your trip to Perth, head to the park at night, where it fills with an air of excitement - watch the sun set over Perth’s incredible skyline, and enjoy the Moonlight Cinema, which runs throughout the summer. Think of Australia and you think of the wildlife, and Perth’s wildlife is world-famous. At Perth Zoo, you will be able to learn more about some of Australia's iconic flora and fauna, as well as over 150 species from around the world. As well as being a popular tourist attraction, the zoo plays a key part in the preservation of Australian wildlife. If you are taking a trip to Perth in the summer, check out its Summer Events calendar, which is a much-anticipated highlight of the city’s summer. A trip to Rottnest Island (Rotto to the locals) will lead you to an island of delights. Here, you will see quokkas – a native, friendly marsupial, unique to Western Australia. The small island just 12 miles off Perth’s coast is a popular getaway for businessmen and their families, who flit to Rotto for its scores of exquisite beaches, fantastic snorkelling on coral reefs, tennis, golf and fishing. Rottnest Island can be accessed by boat, helicopter, or private boat. The best way to explore the island is by bike, but you can take a Segway tour, or explore on foot. With its perfect blend of cultures, nightlife, sophistication, nature and sunshine, a trip to Perth is sure to delight people of all tastes; the problem will be prioritising what to do in this vibrant, friendly city. If you are tempted by the many charms of this delightful city, let Travangelo help you find cheap flights to Perth.

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