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Now with cheap flights to Prague, visit the beautiful capital city of Czech Republic. Famously regarded as the city of thousand spires, you will find numerous splendid and vibrant views once you land in the city.

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BRS to PRG flight Aer Lingus £414 Round-Trip 08 August to 12 August 16 April 07:43

Things to do in Prague

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The Charles Bridge of Prague is one of the best known bridges in Europe. The bridge remained famous due to the stunning statues standing there beautifully. Other important features include the scenic views from Vltava River.

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Some notable attractions of the city are the Clementinum which is one of the largest collections of stunning historical buildings of Europe. The Clementinum is also home to the famous National Library of Czech Republic. With our cheap flights to Prague you can also visit the Old Town where you can see the striking Old Town Square.

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Visit the Roman Catholic cathedral in Prague, the St. Vitus Cathedral which is not only the largest one but also the most important Christian church in Czech Republic. It is home to numerous tombs of Saints and Bohemian kings.

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The castle of Prague dates back to the 9th century and remained an official residence of the president of Czech Republic. Prague castle is defined as the ancient and largest castle of the world.

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So get your cheap flights to Prague, and fly to the exotic city of Czech Republic with Travangelo to explore the beautiful city of Prague.

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