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Visit Sao Paulo

Take our cheap flights to Sao Paulo and visit a city which at first glance seems like an enormous machine of trade and business with intimidating structures and fast paced streets. However, just under the surface lies a beauty that often goes undiscovered. The city hums with life, brimming with culture, art and football enthusiasts.

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Things to do in Sao Paulo



Architecturally speaking, Sao Paulo has many views to offer. Igreja de Sao Francisco de Assis has the most beautiful colonial structures while Banespa offers an incredible panorama view of the city from the height of 161m. The Cantareira State Park and the Sao Paulo Zoo offer some breath taking views.



With our cheap flights to Sao Paulo, visit the country that takes flavours very seriously, and it shows in the resulting culinary delights. The crispy Torresmo, the rich Mocofava and the juicy Caruru are but a few dishes to name that will stimulate your taste buds.



If there’s one thing that is in abundance in Brazil, it’s parties. The boisterous nightlife of Sao Paulo sweeps you away, but the main attractions are the festivals that take place all year round. Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Parada do Orgulho GLBT de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo Biennual and many more that give you a broad display of the rich culture of this unassuming city. So take our cheap flights to Sao Paulo and ensure a comfortable journey for yourself as we take care of the rest.