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Known to most as the booming Chinese city, home to glamorous Americans and stately British, Shanghai is an enchanting mix of Chinese traditions with a splash of colonial influence. During the past century, Shanghai has seen more than its fair share of conflict, but today it is the booming economic centre of Eastern China.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
STN to PVG flight Austrian Airline £682 Round-Trip 30 July to 07 September 17 April 10:25
LHR to PVG flight Lufthansa £708 Round-Trip 30 July to 07 September 17 April 10:25
LCY to PVG flight Lufthansa £874 Round-Trip 30 July to 07 September 17 April 10:25
LGW to PVG flight Emirates £992 Round-Trip 30 July to 07 September 17 April 10:25

Things to do in Shanghai

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The city is divided into two sections: Pudong and Puxi. Pudong, situated to the east of the Huangpu River, is home to the advancing technology and contemporary architecture for which Shanghai prides itself. Meanwhile, in Puxi, to the west, you will find Shanghai’s more traditional sights and classic architecture. From the classic to the contemporary and everything in between, a trip to Shanghai will leave you dazed, enriched, and begging for more! Many people taking an international transfer via Shanghai airport can get a 144-hour Visa-free transit, which will allow you to visit Shanghai for a few days. However, if you are planning a longer trip to Shanghai, you will still have plenty to see and do: your biggest challenge will be prioritising!

Cheap flights to Shanghai
2Direct Flights to Shanghai

Those taking direct flights to Shanghai will usually arrive at Shanghai Pudong Airport (SHA) and the Maglev train (magnetic-levitation) is the perfect way to introduce you to this fast-paced, reality-defying city. Travelling at speeds of up to 267 miles an hour, you will travel the 20 miles from airport to city centre in under 8 minutes, arriving shell-shocked, exhilarated and prepared for the myriad sights and sounds that await you in Shanghai.

Cheap flights to Shanghai
3When to Visit

Spring in Shanghai sees trees in full bloom, warm, sunny days and clear blue skies. However, due to its clement weather and a host of national festivals, spring is also a costly and busy time to go. As can be expected, summer time in Shanghai brings high temperatures, rain and large numbers of tourists, while winter visitors can expect a fairly chilly reception, with temperatures dropping to as low as 7°C . If you are not limited by school holidays, the best time to get cheap flights to Shanghai is in the autumn (October and November), when temperatures are pleasant, and the worst of the rains (and tourists) have cleared.

Cheap flights to Shanghai
4Landmarks and Architecture

Literally a city of two halves, Shanghai bombards you with exquisite juxtapositions. The skyline is monopolised by landmarks such as the Pearl Tower, which features 11 space-like spheres climbing 350 metres from the ground. Price of entry to Pearl Tower depends on how high you are going, so we recommend that you skip the uppermost “Space Capsule” observation deck, which, although impressive, features waiting times of an hour or more. Head, instead, to the skywalk, a 259-metre-high observatory made entirely of glass. Afterwards, as you descend in the glass lift, stop at Game City, where you can enjoy a brief but thrilling rollercoaster ride which starts 98 meters in the air. There is no denying that Shanghai’s contemporary architecture is impressive, however, it is at ground level that you can watch the city unfurl as you become acquainted with its incredible contrasts. To witness these contrasts first-hand, simply walk along the Bund, the waterfront walkway which is lined by dozens of contradictory yet complementary architectural styles, including stunning examples of Classic, Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic architecture. This bizarrely eclectic mix can only be compounded by a trip down the Bund Sightseeing tunnel, an extraordinary, under-ground tunnel, through which you travel in an automated car. Compared to many other Chinese cities, Shanghai is a walkers’ paradise. There are designated pedestrian-only areas, such as the 5.5 Nanjing Road, which is lined with malls, shops, theatres and eateries. There are also some spectacular parks, such as Yu Yuan Garden, Shanghai’s most famous garden. Initially private gardens, the Yu Yuan Gardens were created by Pan Yunduan, who spent two decades creating the gardens in order to garner his aging parents’ approval. Nestled deep in the heart of the old city, the gardens immediately whisk you away, to Shanghai’s most prosperous and glamourous times. While you are feeling in the mood, visit Bazaar Shanghai and meander through the many winding streets, absorbing the essence of Old Shanghai.

Cheap flights to Shanghai
5Eating and Drinking

As is typical of most things in Shanghai, the food and drink range from the understatedly traditional to the almost implausibly contemporary. On one hand, you can dine on the most delicate wontons, soups and noodles you will ever eat in local restaurants: on the other, you can enjoy 20 less conventional courses in the 4-dimensional restaurant, Ultraviolet. For a true insight into Shanghai’s culinary style, head down to Shouning Lu food street, where you will find countless stalls purveying classic dishes. You will be barely able to resist the smell of sizzling garlic, barbequing scallops and oysters, and traditional Shanghainese chicken or vegetable kebabs. If you want to sample the delicate, spicy crayfish, we recommend that you try the local’s favourite, The Crayfish House. Queues may be long, but it’s worth the wait. One thing is certain with Shanghai: it will never fail to surprise and delight you. With its rich history and promising future, you will never tire of exploring, tasting and experiencing the many contrasts of this incredible city. If you are looking for cheap flights to Shanghai, let Travangelo help you to plan the trip of a lifetime.

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