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South America

Now you can fly to the beautiful continent that has a patchwork of stunning landscapes with its snowcapped mountains, treacherous jungles, surreal deserts and spectacular mountain ranges. Best traveling attractions are Machu Picchu in Peru this is hidden within the lush Peruvian mountains; this mystical city remained a secret for ages and now is the continent's best known archaeological site, Amazonia in Ecuador, the Amazon is not for the lighthearted. It is one of the world's most diverse biological areas with simple trips providing opportunities to see diverse creatures such as monkeys, birds, caimans and tarantulas.

Things to do

The Angel Falls in Venezuela; Nestled within Venezuela’s Canaima National Park, Angel Falls are the highest waterfalls in the world. Torres del Paine National Park is located in the Southern most regions of Chile and for those willing to venture to Patagonia; it offers astonishing hiking opportunities amongst glaciers, lakes and Blue Mountains. 

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the world’s largest salt flat in the world, salt and other abundant minerals are sought in this area. Pantanal in Brazil has the greatest density of animal life in South America. Created by seasonal flooding of the river Paraguai, these wetlands are considered as one of the world’s largest and most diverse freshwater wetland ecosystems.

Heaven for food lovers

Food lovers will know the true joy of visiting the countries in South America, the yummy taste of South American cuisines will leave you completely enthralled. For meat lovers, Argentina is a true heaven to dine in. In Lima, you will find the finest seafood and alcoholic beverages, Chile is famously known for crabs and lobsters. In Columbia, you will find excellent Columbian food and variety of corn cheese cuisines. From its capital cities to Pacific, you will find all kind of yummy treats in South America.

Cultural Importance

The cultural heritage of South America revolves around Spanish, French and Portuguese cultures.

Spanish and Portuguese are primarily spoken in the district. Even English, Hakka, Wayuu, Japanese and Italian have a major influence. 

Natural beauty and wonders of South America

The Iguazu Falls of Argentina is the most stunning site, Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, the Atacama Desert of Chile, the amazing Amazon River, Angel Falls of Venezuela and Colca Canyon of Peru are perfect examples of naturally blessed beauties of South America.

Pack up your bags

So book your tickets now and travel to your favorite country in South America to see the wonders of nature, the naturally blessed and architectural beauties of various countries and to have some of the yummiest cuisines.