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With cheap flights to Tashkent, visit the beautiful city of Tashkent. It is a bizarre combination of modern metropolis and the unique flavor of east. Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and the largest metropolis of Central Asia. There is an atmospheric Chorsu market where one must go to see or buy the ware goods of Uzbekistan, plump raisins, watermelons, juicy apricots, carpets, ceramics, Choy, spices and herbs, the pulse of the city.

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Near the domed Chorsu bazaar it is called so for it is at a crossroad, is one of the old and Islamic monuments that has survived the seismic upheaval. Tashkent. Tashkent has museums in plenty, theatre, the opera and ballet flourish, its emporia stock ware from numerous other regions of Uzbekistan. Don’t miss a chance to see the Museum of Applied Arts where crafts from all around Uzbekistan are displayed in small rooms with subdued lighting. The Uzbek Puppet Theatre, the opera and ballet at the Navoi Theatre can add drama and color to the city’s vibrantlife. The Amir Temur Museum celebrates the life of Uzbekistan’s most famous hero, Timur the Lame, captain courageous, and a great supporter of art. Discover the city of Uzbekistan by booking cheap flights to Tashkent and grab your tickets with Travangelo.