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Cheap flights to Tel Aviv you will get chance to unlock the memorable moments of your life. Tel Aviv is world`s top destinations. Tel Aviv is one of the world’s top destinations. It has national Geographic fell in love with Tel Aviv’s shoreline, unique Bauhaus architecture and heaped praise on its ice cream parlors and bars.

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Tel Aviv holds the title for World’s best happy city. And Travelers Digest voted it a city full of beautiful people. From beach boardwalks to green parks, fashion freak shopping experience to awesome nightclubs night outs, museums to open air beautiful markets, there is more than enough to do in Tel Aviv. Amateur historians generally rebuff Tel Aviv's high-rises in favor of Jerusalem's ancient monuments. Amid sun soaked beaches and a thumping bar scene the cobbled streets of Jaffa Tel Aviv's collection of some of the best museums of the world, including the famous Diaspora Museum, the creamy walls of the White City stand as tribute to the Jewish architects who fled Nazi Germany. The tayelet grants easy access to Tel Aviv's prime hotel areas, as well as numerous restaurants and nightlife venues. Want to see much more? Discover Tel Aviv by grabbing cheap flights to Tel Aviv and travel with Travangelo.