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Visit Thessaloniki

Book your cheap flights to Thessaloniki with Travangelo. With more than a million people to amuse, Thessaloniki has a lot to offer for its locals and visitors across the globe. The young population enjoys the reachable nightlife that can be experienced at the downtown campus of Aristotle of the Thessaloniki University. In the daytime, people also have plenty of options to explore historical places. You will find the Acropolis and lasting monuments of the city's past empires.

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Things to do in Thessaloniki

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You can see and explore the Museum of Byzantine Culture and the Archaeological Museum in your leisure time. Plan a daytrip to hike nearby Mount Olympus or to bask in the Aegean sun on the beaches of Halkidiki. Thessaloniki has places such as the Acropolis with Mount Olympus in sight, the White Tower to Thessaloniki, and Built by the Ottomans. Square is an important city center. The Museum of Byzantine Culture displays the regional relics of the ancient empire. At the Archaeological Museum, people can see a lot of great stuff from the city`s prehistoric era, to Macedonian and Roman civilization. The central food market of Thessaloniki which is to the west of Aristotelous Square is a beautiful option to explore. At Kapani Market you can see and taste a very lively aspect of Thessaloniki's life. You can plan a trip by booking your cheap flights to Thessaloniki with Travaneglo.