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Visit Toronto

Welcome to Toronto, the city where anything goes. Unassuming yet magnificent, Toronto is a city of acceptance and diversity. With over 140 languages spoken and more than half of its inhabitants originating from outside of Canada, Toronto is a veritable melting pot of cultures. Here, you will find some of the best restaurants in the world purveying, of course, dishes from all over the globe. On your trip to Toronto, you will discover a city like no other: vibrant, sleek and welcoming, you can shop till you drop, admire the dazzling skyline and enjoy simply being in the city where everyone is welcome.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
MAN to YYZ flight Virgin Atlantic £491 Round-Trip 28 August to 09 September 16 April 01:31
STN to YYZ flight Air Canada £550 Round-Trip 14 August to 03 September 29 June 11:05
LCY to YYZ flight KLM £728 Round-Trip 14 August to 03 September 29 June 11:05
LGW to YYZ flight Finnair £1056 Round-Trip 14 August to 03 September 29 June 11:05
LHR to YYZ flight Finnair £1087 Round-Trip 14 August to 03 September 29 June 11:05

Things to do in Toronto

Cheap flights to Toronto
1Direct Flights to Toronto

Direct flights to Toronto will bring you to Toronto Pearson Airport (YZZ), Canada’s largest airport, 15 miles from downtown Toronto. The airport is easily accessible by bus or taxi, and the Toronto Airport Express runs every half hour between downtown Toronto and the airport.

Cheap flights to Toronto
2 When to Visit Toronto

Toronto experiences distinct seasons, so the best time to visit depends on whether you prefer the vibrant, hustle and bustle of summer, when Toronto is packed with tourists and temperatures soar to up to 30°C, or the crisp blue skies and freezing temperatures of winter. Winters in Toronto are long and incredibly cold and when spring arrives, the city starts to stir from its winter slumber, bringing with it a festival feel that climaxes during the summer months. If you are looking for cheap flights to Toronto, avoid June- August and plan your trip for September and October, when locals squeeze the last drop of fun out of the warmer weather, or April and May, when the city starts to thaw and its inhabitants get ready to party!

Cheap flights to Toronto
3History and Architecture

As can be expected from one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto is awash with museums and galleries. A good place to start is the Royal Ontario Museum, where you can get to grip with the cultural and natural history of Canada. From dinosaurs to Ancient Egypt, precious gems to Canada’s first people, the museum offers an incredible opportunity to learn more about our place on Earth. Presiding over Toronto’s skyline is the CN Tower, officially one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Built in 1976, and standing at 1,818 feet tall, the CN Tower may have lost its status as the world’s tallest building, but it is still incredible to be hold and is one of Toronto’s most significant monuments. With your feet on terra firma, the tower’s scale is staggering – particularly at night when it is illuminated. A climb to the lower viewing deck will reward you with incredible views of Toronto. If you are seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience and have a head for heights, try out the EdgeWalk, the world’s highest full-circle, hands-free walk. Those brave enough are tethered to an overhanging safety rail and can walk the ledge surrounding the tower’s main pod. Hockey in Canada isn’t just a sport, it is one of the nation’s defining features. During winter, dozens of ice rinks spring up throughout the city, as inhabitants brave the freezing temperatures to indulge in their favourite sport. Constructed in 1886, the Hockey Hall of Fame is an incredible piece of architecture, covering over 65,000 feet and featuring a stunning stained-glass dome and intricate stone carvings. Here, visitors can experience an interactive, fun-filled adventure, where they can test their skills, explore the game’s rich history and meet Toronto’s hockey heroes.

Cheap flights to Toronto

On your trip to Toronto, take time out to visit Niagara Falls, a sight well worth the 90-minute drive. The Niagara River stretches 36 miles, from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. The 57 metre drop from the Canadian Horseshoe makes it the most breath-taking place to witness a staggering 168,000 cubic metres of water a minute crashing into the pool below. There are plenty of day trips to Niagara, where you can choose how, and where, you see the awe-inspiring Falls. Take the Journey Behind the Falls, where you descend in a lift through nearly 40 metres of solid rock, bringing you next to the torrential curtain of water. Or you could book a helicopter flight and soar over the falls, getting a birds-eye view of the vast natural monument.

Cheap flights to Toronto

From High Street to Boutique, from book stores to curiosity shops – Toronto is a shoppers’ paradise. Start your day shopping in Toronto at the Toronto Eaton Centre, the city’s largest mall. Situated in downtown Toronto, 50 million shoppers a year visit the mall to browse the 250 shops and restaurants. As one may expect from Toronto, the Shopping Centre is a far cry from the soulless, artificially-lit atmosphere normally associated with shopping centres. The incredible building features a 900-foot-long, 5-level glass-roofed gallery, affording it a bright, warm and friendly buzz that makes it perfect for a spot of relaxing retail therapy. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants too, so you can stop and refuel yourself for a little more shopping! St Lawrence Market is Toronto’s biggest market, selling delicious fresh local produce and fantastic souvenirs. A market has been held in this location since 1803 and today stalls are spread over three buildings: St Lawrence Hall, the South Market, and the North Market. The North Market is home to the Farmers’ Market, held on a Saturday and featuring local produce from Ontario producers. On Sundays, Antique dealers fill the market with over 80 vendors displaying a dazzling array of antiques. The South Market houses over hundred speciality vendors on its lower floors, where shoppers will find fresh food and local crafts. Meanwhile, in the St Lawrence Hall, which was built in 1850, you will find a huge array of smaller shops and boutiques – perfect for buying souvenirs of your trip to Toronto. Time your spree with lunchtime, so you can buy some snacks for lunch or stop at a café and enjoy delicious dishes made from local produce.

Cheap flights to Toronto
6Eating Out

Unsurprisingly for this diverse city, in Toronto, you can eat your way around the world. A trip to Chinatown, Little Italy or Little India will transport you around the world, while the less decisive (but more adventurous) visitors can indulge in a little fusion food. Enjoy authentic Portuguese-Canadian Churrasco chicken, deliciously charred over charcoal; discover burgers of every permutation and combination that you can imagine; eat the best (according to Canadians) fresh bagels in the world, or indulge in a hot-dog on the go: Toronto’s original Street Food. Whatever your taste and budget, Toronto is just waiting to delight you with its variety of culinary delights, so dig in and enjoy flavours from all over the world. Your trip to Toronto promises to entertain and delight you, as this magical city welcomes you with open arms. If you want help finding cheap flights to Toronto, trust Travangelo.

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