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Get cheap flights to Toulouse and don’t miss a chance to unlock the memorable moments of your life. Toulouse is the city in southwestern France. This city known as La Ville Rose “The Pink City” because of the proliferation of redbrick buildings, Capitole is the heart of Toulouse and a good starting place. Saint Sernin Basilica it is probably most famous church of Toulouse and is one of the oldest for sure. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
MAN to TLS flight Flybe £105 Round-Trip 19 January to 01 February 28 November 05:37
BHX to TLS flight Air France £142 Round-Trip 02 January to 24 February 27 November 11:43
LHR to TLS flight Iberia £180 Round-Trip 12 January to 23 February 30 November 09:00
GLA to TLS flight KLM £185 Round-Trip 10 January to 16 February 30 November 10:01
EDI to TLS flight British Airways £185 Round-Trip 16 January to 14 February 27 November 03:08
LBA to TLS flight KLM £196 Round-Trip 12 January to 12 February 29 November 12:19

Things to do in Toulouse

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Couvent des Jacobins is a must see for its stunning architecture of ceiling. St Etienne Cathedral is one of the most architecturally interesting churches, St Pierre des Chartreux is an old church La Garonne is the river that flows through Toulouse. The view from the bridges of Toulouse and spanning of the river, Rue d’Alsace Lorraine is a wide, long street filled with endless stores. Rue Saint Rome Place, St Etienne is most upscale shopping in Toulouse is here such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Lacroix, Longchamp, Mont blanc and several jewelers and the almost unbelievable number of bars confirms this. Museums like Musee des Agustins is housed in an old convent which in itself is beautiful, Musee Saint Raymond and Musee de Vieux Toulouse museum is dedicated to the history and identity of La Ville Rose so discover Toulouse by booking cheap flights to Toulouse with Travangelo.