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Book your cheap flight to Toyama with Travangelo. Toyama prefecture is located at the Centre of Japan and serves as an entry to the Japan’s sea. Surrounded three sides by steep mountains and faced to the deep sea, Toyama is blessed to have rich history of nature where people can enjoy inspiring scenery and yummy foods at the same time. The rich resourced country has fresh food and Japan`s agriculture production.

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Toyama has its specialty and it is Masu-no-sushi which is made of rice which is produced in Toyama and trout, and which is one of the most popular train lunches in Japan. Must visit places are the Zuiryuji Temple in Takaoka became one of those everlasting spot known as a national treasure of Japan, The stops along the way offers ways to hiking tracks where families can go trekking or spend a day relaxing at an onsen. There are Three Holy Mountain’s along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Haku .Toyama is blessed with spectacular greenery that seems to ripple as far as your eye can see. Sporadic outbursts of brightly colored flowers of pleasant purples, pink, yellow and innocent whites make this wonderful landscape that more beautiful. If you want to see the mother nature`s beauty so travel with Travangelo and get your cheap flight to Toyama to explore this beautiful destination.