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Visit Tunis

Take a step back in time on a trip to Tunis, the capital city of Tunisia. With Mediterranean, European and Maghrebi influences, Tunisia presents an eclectic mix of cultures; this North African country may be relatively small, but it is certainly crammed with things to see and do. With its 19th Century colonialism, and Arab Medina, Tunis is simultaneously modern and charming, cosmopolitan and provincial. The result is a babbling, vibrant vibe that sucks you into a whirlwind of Arabian Nights and French Victoriana, with a touch of 21st Century chic to complete the exciting, vibrant cocktail that is Tunis. Unsurprisingly, Tunis has a gritty, municipal feel that you won’t encounter in the more remote parts of the country. However, it has plenty of advantages: whether you love history, architecture, Arabic culture or beautiful Mediterranean beaches, Tunis has it all within easy reach, just waiting to be discovered.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
STN to TUN flight Lufthansa £319 Round-Trip 15 August to 29 August 18 March 09:55
LCY to TUN flight Lufthansa £323 Round-Trip 15 August to 29 August 18 March 09:55
LHR to TUN flight KLM £666 Round-Trip 15 August to 29 August 18 March 09:55
BHX to TUN flight KLM £761 Round-Trip 24 July to 28 August 01 May 04:15
LGW to TUN flight Royal Air Maroc £1614 Round-Trip 15 August to 29 August 18 March 09:55

Things to do in Tunis

Cheap flights to Tunis
1Direct Flights to Tunis

Direct flights to Tunis will bring you to Tunis Airport, also known as Carthage International Airport (TUN), four miles from Tunis.

Cheap flights to Tunis
2When to Visit Tunis

Tunis experiences a classic Mediterranean climate, with winter temperatures in the low teens, and summer temperatures soaring to over 30°C. During spring, the fields in the north of Tunisia are awash with poppies in full bloom and trees laden with ripe apricots. If you are looking for cheap flights to Tunisia, plan your trip in May- June or September- October, when the temperatures remain in the mid-to-high twenties but the streets and beaches are less busy.

Cheap flights to Tunis
3A Tale of Two Cities

Tunis is divided into two discrete parts, the new city and the old. The new city bears the unmistakable influence of 19th Century French colonials: gridded boulevards laden with ornate iron balconies and chic patisseries. Ave Habib Bourguiba is the new city’s “High Street”; the palm-tree lined boulevards perfect for strolling along and taking in the sights, or sitting outside a café, sipping café au lait and nibbling on pastries as you watch the world go by. After being abandoned during the French Colonial period when the wealthier residents moved to the new town, the traditional Medina, or old town, has since come back into fashion. Today, the bustling Medina remains the symbolic, cultural and historical centre of Tunis. It is a stunning example of North African life, flinging you back in time with its vibrant colours, winding streets, classic architecture, traditional workshops and buzzing souks. The labyrinthine streets swoop and swirl through the old town in what appears to be random directions, but each street and alley leads to the Great Mosque, or the Mosque of the Olive Tree - Tunis’s largest Mosque. With its 44-metre-high minaret and vast, souk-lined courtyard, the 9th Century Mosque is the centre of the old city and well worth a visit. As it is still an active place of worship, the Mosque is closed on Fridays to non-Muslims.

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4History and Culture

If you want to gain a better understanding on North African life, then a trip to the Bardo Museum should be on your list of things to do on your trip to Tunis. The Bardo Museum is the best in Tunisia; within the walls of the opulent Husseinite palace and adjoining contemporary exhibition space, you will find an incredible selection of Roman mosaics, Islamic ceramics and rare artefacts discovered inarchaeological sites throughoutthe country. Whilst the Bardo Museum gives an insight into Tunisia through the ages, the Dar Ben Abdallah Museum whisks you back to the 18th Century. Built in 1796, the former palace was already the finest in Medina when it was upgraded to Italianate style in the 19th Century. Today, the impressive building houses a museum and four of its rooms have been restored to their former glory, offering a window through time to the lives of the bourgeoisie of the 1800s. Like many North African countries, the Tunisians honoured their dead with breath taking mausoleums, and none is greater than Tourbet el-Bey. The vast mausoleum was built between 1758 and 1782, during the reign of Ali Pasha II. Provincial governors (beys), ministers, princesses and employees of the royal family are interred here. The architecture is classic of its time, with glistening green-tiled domes, high arches and opulent stained glass.

Cheap flights to Tunis

If you love souks, you will never grow tired of the shopping on your trip to Tunisia. Head to the Medina, where souks tend to radiate from the Great Mosque, selling everything from traditional crafts to spices and fruit. For a spot of last-minute shopping, Hanout Arab is a quick and convenient place to pick up mementoes of your Tunis adventure. Unusually, Hanout Arab is fixed-price. If you love haggling, you may well be disappointed, but it is a good shop to hit for a quick browse of a range of Tunisian crafts including pottery, jewellery and textiles. For an authentic market experience, head to the MarchéCentral, where you can feast your senses on olives, harissa, local cheese and delicious fresh produce – stock up on delicious snacks to take home to evoke memories of your unforgettable trip to Tunis.

Cheap flights to Tunis
6Eating Out

On your trip to Tunis, you will discover an incredible fusion of Mediterranean, Berber and Arabic cuisines. Many Tunis staples are derived from nomadic dishes, cooked using available seasonal ingredients in one earthenware pot. Delectable mixes of olive oil, tomatoes and delicate spices, transform the humble chickpea, fish and meat to create stews of unforgettable richnessaccompanied by light-as-a-feather flatbreads or couscous. Tunisian food tends to be spicier than that of its North African counterparts and harissa, a combination of black cumin, cumin, caraway, coriander, paprika and garlic gives traditional food of Tunis its distinct flavour. Figs are plentiful in Tunisia, and are freshest during the harvest period in October – rich bowls of figs sweetened with honey are the perfect way to start the day or end a meal. With its burgeoning tourist industry, Tunis has embraced international cuisine and in addition to traditional Tunisian restaurants, you will find a broad range of choice in the unlikely event that you become bored of traditional fare. Tunis is a vibrant, varied city of contrasts where you can soak up the North African sun, enjoy culture, stunning beaches and delicious food. Whatever you do on your trip to Tunis, it promises to be an unforgettable experience. Do you fancy escaping to this North African idyll? Travangelo can help you to find cheap flights to Tunis.

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