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Visit Wuhan

Book your cheap flight to Wuhan with Travangelo. The famous Yellow Crane Tower, a Wuhan landmark, is a must for travelers. Inscriptions by famous poets and literati from ancient dynasties adorn the tower. A climb to the top nets a bird's view of the entire city. There is beautiful Buddhist Temple that is Guiyan Buddhist Temple.

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Flight Airline Name Price Type Trip Dates Search Time
GLA to WUH flight China Southern £452 Round-Trip 26 January to 28 February 02 December 08:07
LBA to WUH flight KLM £554 Round-Trip 27 January to 25 February 05 December 12:20
BHX to WUH flight Lufthansa £568 Round-Trip 25 January to 04 February 06 December 08:22
MAN to WUH flight China Eastern £758 Round-Trip 24 January to 07 February 05 December 11:21
NCL to WUH flight Cathay Pacific £1080 Round-Trip 31 January to 23 February 03 December 05:19

Things to do in Wuhan

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There is wonderful Guqin Tai; it is a reminder of the legend of Yu Boya, an expert heptachord player and Zhong Ziqi, a woodcutter who can understand Boya's music. There is a fascinating lake scenry, charming plum gardens and bomboo forest to see. Yangtze River Bridge is known as Wuhan Changjiang Daqiao, Madame Tussauds is located at Chuhehan Street. Not to miss museums are Hubei Provincial Museum with its collection of more than 200,000 artifacts excavated from ancient tombs, National Stone Museum famed for its collection of various rare stones. So book your cheap flight to Wuhan with Travangelo.